19 November 2008

More on Getting Rebatched

In this post, I'd talked about how God rebatches us. I was talking earlier today to a faithful Christian man (my former stylist at Sheer Bliss), and was telling him about that entry on rebatching. Michael said, "And you keep your hand on the soap the whole time, just like the Master does us." Excellent point and a connection I hadn't made before. I thought more about it on the way home, and I thought also of the one time I don't have my hand on the soap, and that's when it's in the oven cooking. However, I don't leave it alone. It's not like I pop it into the oven and go to bed or trot out to run errands. Nope, I stay close to the oven where I can use my nose to make sure it's not overcooking and check on it every so often. I stir it and make sure it's fully gelling, too. So, even though my hand's not on it, I'm still right there with it, just as God's still with us, even through the entire rebatching process.

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