22 January 2009

Oh, How Terribly Embarrassing!

Being in the habit of checking my Google Analytics page on a daily basis, I'd noticed that, three days in a row, I'd had no hits to my website. This was rather disturbing, as I generally get some hits to it on a daily basis. Remembering that I'd been in this predictament before, I pulled up my site, only to discover - *gasp* - that it'd crashed! Actually, the whole site hadn't crashed; just one little sidebar that caused the entire site not to come up.

Here it is, after 11, but I couldn't go to bed without installing the patch to fix it. It's repaired now and all ready for you. I'm sorry for the interruption in your browsing and shopping experience. If you ever notice a glitch on the site, please contact me through Blogger, because I don't always check the condition of my site.

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