03 December 2009

Here it is! The EPA Post-Show Special

What's the deal?  How about 10% off your total purchase and FREE shipping?  Pretty nice, huh?  What a great way to maybe buy a couple more stocking stuffers!  Or, perhaps you're looking at that one particular item and thinking, Ya know, my sister-in-law/admin/boss/office mate would love one of these, too, and I wish I'd gotten one.  Well, now's your chance!  I'll happily send you the coupon code.  You simply have to email me at sara@sarassoapsnsuch.com and tell me something about my set-up yesterday.  It could be my location, something about a vendor beside me, something near me or who was with me.  After all, you have to have been there to know this, and this is an exclusive offer for RTP EPA employees, contractors and the 200 people in the workshop yesterday.  I apologize for this extra step this year, but I still look forward to hearing from you! :-)

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