10 January 2010

The Mystery of the Corona

I mentioned in this blog post that I had Corona beer going flat in the garage, but couldn't mention what I was going to do with it, because it was too close to Christmas.  Well, that beer became part of the Ultimate Buffett Soap and was a gift for my aunt, who joined us at the Summerzkool tour last year when Jimmy came to Raleigh.  The Ultimate Buffett Soap featured Corona beer, hemp seed oil (to commemorate all those joints smoked at his concerts) and a zesty Margarita Lime fragrance.  So, you've got your Corona, your cannabis-derived product and a little scent-trip to Margaritaville, minus the smell of boiling shrimp.  She loved it, and it was fun to make, especially as I soap-glued a soap lime slice to each bar.


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