17 June 2010

Flippin' for Children

A couple of weeks ago, a local media outlet aired a "gotcha" story against Yahweh Center, a non-profit Christian organization that serves children, including some with learning, emotional and behavioral disorders.  It seems like a disgruntled former employee wanted her 15 minutes of fame.  Yet, I'm concerned what this bad media exposure would do for this center at a time when they're already struggling due to a decline in charitable giving with the current economic situation.  So, I came up with a way that all of us can help.

To order your flip flop soaps, go to http://www.sarassoapsnsuch.com/.  For more information on the Yahweh Center, check out their website at http://www.yahwehcenter.org/.  If you want to find us at the North Carolina Blueberry Festival, we'll be in booth 72, near the intersection of W. Wilmington Street and S. Walker Street on the Courthouse Square, kind of across from the Pender Rescue Squad.

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