27 September 2010

A Special Promotion for Le Boudoir

Massage oil, available scented,
unscented or flavored.
My own highly exclusive oil blend
In case you didn't know, I have a fabulous line of products for couples that I call Le Boudoir.  I enjoy making these (and product testing, of course!), because couples should have all natural (or mostly natural) products specifically designed to enhance their love life.  My husband feels that one of my business goals going forward into the fourth quarter of the year should be to really drive this line.  I was sharing this with a writer friend of mine - she writes under Celtic Lass - and she offered to help.  How?  Here goes; hang on!

CL writes erotic literature - pretty classy stuff; pretty hot stuff, too! - and she's willing to include some of my products in her stories with links back to them on my site.  Pretty sweet, huh?  But wait!  It gets better!

How'd you like to star in an erotic story?  CL can include you in her stories with either your spouse/SO or just some random "other" (opposite sex unless requested otherwise).  If you would like, she can also create a link to your social media page or website as a way of giving her "lovers" the opportunity for a bit of shameless self-promotion.  We envision that these stories will get a lot of reader traffic, so you stand a great chance of expanding your audience.

If enough people participate, we will open up voting, with the winners getting free Le Boudoir products.  Sounds like a win to me!  If you'd like to be a character (ha!  All my customers are characters! ;-)), you can post a comment below or email Celtic Lass or me.

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