13 July 2011

Not Just Soap in this Kitchen

My recent blogs have dealt with how to fail and succeed in business, and next week I'll most likely swing back to serious, but I felt the need to post something a little bit lighter.  The third Saturday in June, I vended at the NC Blueberry Festival.  It started with this soap...

You simply can't visit the Blueberry Festival without indulging in some delicious, locally grown blueberries.  Plump, juicy and sweet, these little blue bits of bliss freeze beautifully and since that very hot day have featured in cheesecake, muffins, pancakes and even barbeque sauce.

Peter's birthday cake - homemade blueberry swirl cheesecake
Since his birthday fell on a Thursday and I wasn't a hundred percent prepared to make him breakfast for his birthday (we let him sleep in), the weekend immediately following, I made muffins.  These are blueberry banana with shredded wheat topping (because I hate wasting that half cup of shredded wheat crumbs in the bottom of the box).

Blueberry and Banana Whole Wheat Muffins with Shredded Wheat Topping
We made some beautiful sand dollar cookies, too, but we gave those away before I could take pictures.  I'll share those later, because those are truly beautiful and cleverly designed.  We're going to make another batch, because my husband has a wonderful, kick-butt customer who deserves some.

Do you have a favorite berry dish?  Please share it.
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Tammy said...

Sara, your cheesecake looks absolutely divine! I love your Blueberry festival Soap-so cute.