24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

What a great day!  It's still pretty early, but I woke up feeling grateful for the many wonderful people in my life. I woke up excited about seeing my family today, and I thought about how lucky I am to be 38 and to still have a set of grandparents alive.  I thought of how lucky my girls are - my older one especially - to have gotten to know three of their grandparents and how she'll have those awesome memories to treasure.

Then, I thought with a bit of sadness who won't be there today, namely my grandparents on my Mom's side.  My grandma's been dead for several years now, but I can still remember that first Thanksgiving without her - the sadness and the laughter.  This will be our second Thanksgiving without my maternal grandpa, and that spot at the table is still a bit fresh, and it's still a bit weird seeing my uncle sitting in that place.

I'm thankful for my wonderful customers, too.  We've been together in business for nine years now, and I couldn't have the success I do without each and every one of you.  Thank you so much!  May your Thanksgiving be filled with the love of family and friends and may you take the time to remember all the many blessings in your life.

Much love,
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