22 February 2012

New goodies

My friend Babs posted a picture of a gorgeous Patchouli soap on Facebook.  Creamy white base with several different colors swirled throughout, alternating white-color-white-different color-white-yet another color and so on.  She'd done a column swirl, and a darn good job of it!  Her swirls, though, reminded those of us in our group of zebra stripes, which started sparking different ideas and discussions.  How would it look to do a black and white zebra-striped soap?  Way cool, huh?  Then I chimed in with the addition of a hot pink heart or lips.  How awesome would THAT be!?

The challenge was on!  I first made up my heart, using my wonderful heart column mould.  After it had sat for a few days, I sliced it for the soap.  I didn't care that it wasn't even fully saponified, yet; it'd get there along with the base soap.  I mixed my soap and colored half of it with activated charcoal for a rich black color.  The scent is perfect for this soap, a duplicate of Victoria's Secret's Sexy Little Things, which I've renamed Sexy and Sassy.  Whereas Babs did column swirls with hers (enables the soap creator to have both hands free), I opted for funnel swirls (because I didn't know how to do column swirls).  My girls watched me pour the soap, and the firstborn wanted to take pictures.  She snapped 39 pictures of me pouring this soap!  Here are some of her photos.  (All pictures are the property of Sara's Soaps 'n Such and Mary E. Nesbitt.  Copying and stealing are prohibited.  You really don't want to mess with an Indie on this.  Just trust me.)
Pouring in the colors, alternating between black and white

Building the swirl
Almost done!
Cutting through the swirls

Swirls are done!

Setting the hearts in place

Finished soap
Cut bars.  Don't they look fabulous?!
These little gems will be available for you to enjoy on 3 March.  Not much longer to wait to experience the superior soapy goodness in a fun, chic design!

(Our financial journey is still going great!  For the latest updates, click the link to my Mom's Life blog.)
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Anne-Marie said...

Your zebra soaps look fabulous! What a cute idea!