01 December 2008

The EPA Show - My Big One of the Year

It may seem sort of silly, that this show, this one event - 6 hours one day a year - would be my big one of the year, but it is. I don't run the show circuit like some crafters do (more power to them!), so I select the shows in which I participate very carefully. The EPA one has been my favorite and best event for the 6 years I've been doing it. It's always a pleasure to me to see returning customers and new ones. Many of these customers will only buy from me this one time a year, but that's OK.

So many of these fine people have done a lot over the years to boost my business - faithful patronage, patience on special orders and sharing their love of my products to others - that I wanted to give a little something back. Soooooo... I'm offering a special coupon for EPA employees. For a limited time, enjoy 25% off your purchase. Use coupon code EPA25 at checkout, and when choosing a shipping option, choose "store pickup" if you'd like me to deliver it to the office. Follow-up sales from this event always get free delivery.

Thanks everyone, for yet another great year with you, and I look forward to seeing y'all next year! :)

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