02 March 2009

An End to the Day

Now that the sun has set and the temps are rapidly dropping even farther below freezing, the beautiful winter wonderland will become a giant sheet of ice. Our schools are delayed by two hours tomorrow, which is what I was expecting. We'll hit some trouble spots where it's shady, but I don't anticipate a whole lot of hassle. I'm just glad that DD won't have to make up yet another day of school, and she's glad to be going back.

She took some pictures this morning of our lovely snow-draped back yard, but this one is the best. She's only five but already showing promise of being a great photographer - just as long as she holds the camera steady and keeps her fingers from in front of the lens.

After we napped (well, DH couldn't settle, I dozed and read and DD napped hard), it was time for... SNOW CREAM!!! Snow cream is a mixture of clean snow, egg, milk, sugar and vanilla, and it's soooooo good. Tradition says that you can't make snow cream from the first snowfall, regardless of accumulation, but every significant snowfall after that is fair game. While we ate our snow cream, we watched A Goofy Movie. For some reason, an allusion to Easy Cheese in a conversation made me both want to watch that movie and eat Ritz crackers with Easy Cheese. As much as I've groused about the winter weather and the make-up days, I'm going to miss the beauty of a snowfall and the sweet coldness of snow cream when we move to the coast.

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