20 March 2009

Great New Products!

Late February and March have been busy months for me as I've been keeping up with my honey products and learning/practicing/perfecting my swirls. Some batches have turned out great, others are nice and then there was that batch that nearly seized on me. Hey, it doesn't matter how it gets into the mould, as long as it comes out as good soap.

I've been receiving some tremendous help and guidance from a soapbud named Irene. I tell ya, that woman can do swirls that'd make your head spin! She's really expert at it. I have managed to pretty closely copy one of her amazing creations, found in this Dragonfly Soap.

This soap is scented with a delightful Fresh Cucumber scent. This one has gone fast; I only have three bars left. I made another batch today, but this new batch I scented with Magnolia fragrance. Yuuuummmy!!! Great Spring scents all around!

The other creation that went up tonight is Midnight Lilac, a beautiful lightly floral scented soap. Why midnight? Imagine walking through a lush garden with the light from a full moon pouring silver over all the plants and flowers. This soap is midnight dark with gentle lavender and silver swirls.

Midnight Lilac is a limited time offer; once these bars are gone, that's it. So go ahead and get yours. It's the perfect complement to warming Spring days.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara!

I love, love, love what you have done with your website! You really are amazing! Is there anything you can't do? lol

Seriously, great job!

Sara's Soaps 'n Such said...

Thanks, Denise! It's still a work in progress. Yes, there's much I can't do, like change the .css on my website. I have all sorts of computer geek friends, but none of them specialize in website design, unfortunately.