24 July 2009

Newest Soaps For Sale

I'm so excited about my newest soap batches - Beach and Patchouli! They're not ready for purchase, yet, but I just have to share them with you. (You can pre-purchase if you wish to guarantee you get one of these beauties.)

First, Beach... This scent is a duplicate of the Bobbi Brown scent of the same name and also reminds me of Coppertone Kids. This soap is luxurious, with a luscious lather and awesome skin-conditioning properties. It features a subtle light blue and light green swirl.

Beach Soap - newest batch

The other absolutely fabulous soap I have curing for you is the latest batch of Patchouli. Scented with pure Patchouli essential oil, this soap features my most daring, ambitious swirl ever - and it rocks! I'm taking a creator's pride in this one. Did you know that patchouli has aphrodesiac properties, making it a popular scent element in many perfumes?


Beach will be ready 8 August 2009, and Patchouli can be yours on 15 August 2009.

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