24 July 2009

Summer Clearance Sale

I have been fast and furiously doing some website improvements over the past few weeks, in addition to unpacking boxes and bags, keeping up with my very social little girl, obeying the various people who keep telling me to put my feet up and trying to do as much around the house as possible. You'll notice it's in the midst of a face-lift, though the work's not completely done, yet. Just a few more changes to go, though, and hopefully they'll be before the baby makes its grand debut.

Besides the cosmetic appearance of my site, over the next week or so you'll also see some new products going up and other products getting a new look. I'll post here when those happen.

For now though, the big thing is my Summer Clearance Sale! As I unloaded and organized my inventory in our new home, I discovered some soaps just aren't moving like I want, and others that had gorgeous designs at one point are looking a little the worst for wear after traveling over a good portion of the eastern half of the state. So, it's those things I want to move in order to clear some space for the plethora of things I've queued up to make. Check out my Summer Clearance Specials today! This is a great time to stock up on some goodies for yourself or for someone else!*

*Sale prices apply to in-stock merchandise only.


Anonymous said...

Sara! We are cycling again! I am in the process of doing the same thing! No wonder I have been thinking of you so much lately. :)

Sara's Soaps 'n Such said...

LOL! Only we'd know about that. :D