16 March 2011

Flipping For the Flops and Running For the Son - 2011

Flip flops.  Soaps.  Jesus.  Motorcycles.  These four things don't seem like they'd go together in any way, shape, form or fashion, yet I'm going to show you how they do, in fact, go together perfectly.

A few years ago, I introduced these adorable flip flop soaps, and they sold like hotcakes!  One of my soap buds said, "You could say people are flipping for your flops!"  Each bar is a hefty 5 3/4 ounces of luscious fragrance.  Two of the ones from my line are scented with exclusive scent blends I created just for these soaps.  The other two in my product line are Sexy & Sassy, a duplicate of Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things fragrance, and Blueberry Festival, a very true blueberry scent.  My daughter's product line also includes flip flop soaps that you can choose.

So, there's the soap and flip flops angle, but what about Jesus and motorcycles?  For thirty years, my dad has been an active member of Christian Motorcyclist Association (www.cmausa.org).  This ministry shares the love of Jesus Christ with members of the biker community - everyone from the Sunday afternoon bikers who enjoy their leisurely rides for the pure pleasure of doing it (and it's FUN!) to the hard-core bikers whose lifestyles are marked by less-than-legal recreational pursuits.  For the men and women around the world who are in CMA, all they see is that every one of these people is a person who God loves and with whom God wants to be in relationship.  They go to bike rallies, swap meets, poker runs, biker bars and Rolling Thunder in D.C. on Memorial Day weekend.  I'll repeat:  God loves all these bikers and wants to be in relationship with them, just like he wants to be in relationship with all of us.  Isn't that good news?!  The members of CMA share this good news.

Every May, the first Saturday in May, is the Run for the Son, a 100-mile sponsored motorcycle ride.  If you Flip for my Flops, then you can also help me as Dad Runs for the Son.  From now until 30 April, the net proceeds from the sales of these Flip Flop soaps will go to sponsor Dad's Run, and those funds go directly to ministering to primarily bikers, but to others as well.

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