23 March 2011

Mediterranean Spa Collection

First it was Spa Soaps.  Then it was Mediterranean Spa Salts.  Then it was a Mediterranean Spa Scrub.  These all have come together in a delicious Mediterranean Spa Collection that's waiting for you to create a relaxing spa retreat in your own bathroom.

First, pour yourself something to drink.  While wine is relaxing, water does a body good.  This is your spa experience, though, so savor whatever you wish.  Perhaps an array of candles bathing your bathroom in golden light, their flames dancing to some soothing nature-inspired music, would be next.  Sprinkle about one-fourth of a tube of Mediterranean Spa Salts in your warm bath water before sinking to your chin in the warm, scented bliss.  Feel your worries start to fade away as you settle back and lose yourself in a good book.

Set your book aside and pick up the Spa Bar.  Take a moment to feel its heft; each bar weighs a solid six ounces.  Take a moment to bring it up to your nose and savor its scent.  (I'll confess, I do this to every bar of soap, every bath.  It's all part of the experience.)  Now rub it on your washcloth or sponge and wash your skin with it, enjoying how it moisturizes you.

Once you've dunked yourself to rinse all the soap off, grab the jar of Mediterranean Spa Scrubs and rub the scrub on your skin, paying special attention to those extra dry areas.  In this step, you're removing that outer layer of dull, dead skin and richly nourishing the layers underneath with a deep moisture treatment that keeps going and going, leaving your nice, soft skin lightly scented for several hours (I still have a remnant of scent on my skin from my scrub treatment this morning, and that was over 12 hours ago!)

Rinse the salt off your skin and finish your soak.  Will you start to nod off over your book?  It might be time to step out of the tub, gently wrap your towel around you to get rid of the extra water while leaving the great remnants of olive butter from the scrub on you.  Now it's time to crawl into bed, to sleep, perchance to dream.
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