06 September 2012

Great Text Message Convo

The Trouble With Tribbles
The Trouble With Tribbles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm an avid text messenger.  Sometimes, I'd really rather text than talk, because texting is just like short emails.  I can read my messages when I have a chance, reply when I can and the other person can reply when they have time.  In other words, texting cannot really disrupt my day like the poorly timed phone call can.  I bought a smart phone in April to replace my dunked flip phone (and a smart phone does allow me to do more business when I'm away from home), and the autocorrect on my phone comes up with some interesting alternatives.  Unfortunately, I am not able to take screen shots of my phone screen.  This is one of the great conversations that happened on Labor Day.

Me:  "I was just texting the word 'trouble' to someone, and my phone suggested 'Tribble' as an option.  Really?  It's in my phone's dictionary?  When would I reference that?"

Him:  "Tribble is a great word."

Me:  "It is a good word, and Tribbles are cute (and a lot of trouble), but outside of this totally inane conversation, when would I use it?  Screen is blurring from the tears of laughter."

Him:  "I got your tribble right here."

Me:  "No, I got nothing in response to that."

Him:  "LOL."

Me:  "You want the Tribble?  You can't handle the Tribble!"

Him:  "That's too funny."

Just a little snapshot of how silly things can get here, especially on holidays.  What are some of your best text message fails or conversations if you want to share them?
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