03 September 2012

Starting New Habits

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It all came together in a rather serendipitous way.  I'm helping a dear friend change his money management habits, and he is already doing very well. My husband and I needed to reclaim our own efforts at achieving financial peace, and I as CEO and Soap Goddess of Sara's Soaps 'n Such needed to ramp up my efforts with putting out my newsletter, writing my blog posts and making sure I was using my time on Facebook to the best advantage for my business.  That's a lot of change in a little bit of time!

Donna Maria, my friend and mentor, facilitated a conference call last week in which she outlines her "2x2x2" plan for communicating with customers.  At the same time, Dave Ramsey, who has written books, led seminars and has radio and TV shows about achieving financial peace, reminded me through my reading of The Total Money Makeover how financial peace can only happen through discipline, sacrifice, hard work and following his proven seven steps in order - and there's a reason they're called "baby steps."  Since these two thoughts were foremost in my head, I decided to merge the two ideas into making Donna Maria's guidance work for me.

First, a little background.  Dave wants everyone to become millionaires - or billionaires - and he says that if you want to be a millionaire, then you do what millionaires do.  These things are antithetical to what the majority of Americans do and these millionaires get to where they are in life by making sacrifices and doing smart things that most people would think are dumb.  (Those would be the broke people in this case.)  Baby steps... It's all about baby steps.

If I want to be successful in business, then I need to do those things that successful business people do, and one of those successful people is Donna Maria.  However, I know I will not achieve dM's success in the first month of practicing her social media principles.  So, I decided to attack this, too, in baby steps.  For a business woman who only posts to her Facebook page when she remembers, struggles mightily for a weekly blog topic (and eventually just gave up) and has let two months pass without publishing a newsletter, I knew that I would fail quickly if I tried to put dM's 2x2x2 plan into action the first week.

Last week, I attacked the Facebook challenge - two Facebook posts a day (except for weekends), one morning, one afternoon/evening.  That's easy enough, and I was able to make that happen for me.  This week, I'm adding on the two blog posts for the week to the daily recommended FB posts (and am happy to say I've written both posts today).  Next week, I'll add the newsletter back into my brand promotion.  This is going to help ensure I'm successful without getting frustrated.

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