25 April 2013

Presenting... The Perfect Man (Soap)

I thought I'd found it - that most perfect specimen of man soap ever.  With its fresh, green, dreamy scent that the House of Creed designed especially for Cary Grant and which has graced the skin of Robert Redford, Richard Gere, Quincy Jones and Nicholas Cage, Green Irish Tweed (renamed Green Irish Fantasy in my line) has been my go-to fragrance for world-rockin' masculinity.  But after a years-long love affair with Green Irish Tweed (marked by me sneaking into my soap room just to sniff bars of this soap for a while), another scent has turned my head and my nose in a different direction.

It's...  The Perfect Man.  There are no words to describe this scent and do it justice.  It's incredible, and both of my girls agree.  Even my three-year-old will take a deeply appreciative sniff and exhale on a sigh as her eyes glaze over in olfactory bliss.  This scent encompasses all the qualities of these men.  With a blend of earthy, citrus and spicy notes, The Perfect Man makes every man smell just about perfect.

What's even better than that?  How about the fact that The Perfect Man can be all yours?  Now doesn't that just sweeten the deal a bit?  Check him out here.

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Anne-Marie said...

I'm totally loving the color combination -- it's very plaid and manlike. Thanks for sharing it. =)

Sara's Soaps 'n Such said...

Thanks A-M! I sold completely out of this soap at an event last weekend. The current incarnation is my second attempt at a mantra swirl. If nothing else, at least it smells good and is great soap. ;)