04 April 2013

The Perfect Man

How would you describe your perfect man?  I bet he'd have the soul of a romantic poet, like this guy. 

Robert Browning. That beard's a riot!
And the suave debonair manner of this guy (who's still handsome as sin!).

Sean Connery, like he needs a caption.
Since I like my men brilliantly smart, he'd have to have brains to match this fella.
Albert Einstein play electric guitar. Great pic!

And because I'm still relatively young, alive and have my eyesight, a body like this certainly wouldn't hurt at all.
Shemar Moore.
Really, I watch Criminal Minds for the story lines.
Who doesn't love a guy who can make you laugh and laugh with you?  So, my perfect man should make me laugh as much as this guy can.
Robin Williams.
Best.  Comedian.  Ever.
And finally, I'd top him off with smoldering dark sensuality, the kind that comes with just a bit of danger.

Johnny Depp.  Part of the reason my ideal man
tends to have dark hair and dark eyes.
Now, what if the essence of the combination of these men could come in a bar of soap?  I'm talking a luscious goat milk soap with a masculine scent that makes you want to get as close as you possibly can.  Doesn't it sound amazing?

Stay tuned...

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