23 January 2014

Valentine Heart Soap Petals - DIY Project

This is a great, fun project you can do in not a lot of time, and it's kid-friendly, too!  Woohoo!  Win!  My daughters and I had a lot of fun making these today.  And since it's soap, clean-up of all those inevitable messes is a breeze.  Let's go!

First, create your design on water-soluble paper.  I did 2 dozen hearts in two different colors of pink.  I have an inkjet printer which worked just fine.  Cut them out carefully, leaving a little tag on the side for holding and pinning.  You'll cut this off at the end.

Cut-out paper hearts.
 Next, melt a half cup for clear melt & pour soap base.  I absolutely love this clear soap base from Brambleberry, but you can also find it at big-box craft and hobby stores.  Using a microwave-safe container, heat soap in 30-second increments until the soap is melted.  Once the soap base is melted, add 1/2 mL. of fragrance oil.  For these, I used Fresh Cut Roses from Nature's Garden Candles, but Brambleberry also has a fabulous Passionfruit Rose fragrance.
Clear melt & pour base
Adding fragrance to the melted base
Using tweezers, hold a heart by its tab and dip it in the melted soap base, being sure to cover the entire heart.  Let the excess soap drip off of it and set it aside to dry.  We used straight pins on a piece of cardboard.  Repeat until all the hearts are dunked.  You may find it necessary to remelt the soap.  Microwave again in 20-30 second intervals, stirring in between intervals, until the soap is fluid and easy to work with again.

My 4-year-old dipping a heart in the soap.

Sometimes one escapes.  It happens.

Soap petals setting up.  Note how we left a little space between the petals and the cardboard.

After your soap petal hearts have set up, take them down and carefully cut the tabs off.  Set them in a bowl or dish by your sink.

All done and trimmed.  Aren't they precious?
To use:  Take one soap petal and use it to wash your hands.  Each soap petal is good for one hand washing.  These are also great when you're out and about and don't want to use that stuff in soap dispensers.

Do you want the sheet of hearts in a .pdf?  Leave a comment below, and I'll be happy to upload it.
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Andee @ TheSage.com said...

This is a great idea! I'll have to remember that next time I see my young cousins. I hope you and your girls had a blast!