02 February 2011

Great Day to Be Alive

Pender County Court HouseImage by jimmywayne via FlickrWhile parts of our country are completely shut down due to insane blizzards dumping snow on top of snow and ice, here in southeast North Carolina, we're enjoying some gorgeous weather, with highs floating around 70 under blue skies with some pretty nice breezes.  Morning rain sent my husband home from work, and our older daughter declared she wanted her daddy to teach her today.  No problem and see ya!  I got dressed, made a delivery, scooted by the bank and checked on another account.

My customer isn't having a good day, because her delivery van is broken down and the repairs are high.  As I was driving home, I saw it up on jacks at one of the local repair shops, and it really hit me how many businesses around town are named after people - Brittney's Blooms and Blossoms (my customer).  Adam's Car Repair.  Calvin's Computers.  Harold's Car Sales.  It's charming to me, and a business like Sara's Soaps 'n Such just seems to fit seamlessly into this nook.

I guess this is one of the reasons I like living in Burgaw, besides the fact that it's just 30 miles from the ocean.  It's the kind of town where everyone knows your name, especially if you use it in your business.

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