16 February 2011

Spa Bars

Over the past almost three years, I've created a variety of luscious soaps that incorporated some pretty unusual ingredients for soap - tea, beer, pomegranate juice and wine, to name a few.  For years I've heard about salt bars, also known as spa soaps.  They're counterintuitive in nature; high coconut oil amounts in soap is very drying, and salt, of course, can cause dry skin as well.  Still, after hearing how awesome these soaps are, I just had to try making it.  I mean, seriously, if I can put Everclear in soap, I can put salt.

My first batch was gorgeous!  I colored it light sea blue and scented it with Seaglass fragrance oil, a light, fresh, clean scent.  The soap was thick and hefty, a solid six-ounce bar.  It takes around four weeks for soaps to completely cure and be ready for use, and waiting that long was hard, but finally, the cure period was over and I could use the little sniglet that I'd made.  I was thrilled with the results!  This soap wasn't drying at all; in fact, it was very moisturizing with a creamy lather.  That little sniglet - maybe as much soap as you'd find in a hotel bar - lasted my husband and me a solid week with daily use.

Since this first batch had been so great, I decided to let that launch off a soap line of spa soaps.  This past weekend, I made another batch, this one a pastel salmon color and scented with a bright orange fragrance.  I'm deliberating on the next batch - light green and Cucumber Aloe fragrance, or yellow and Honeysuckle fragrance.  I only have enough salt right now to make one batch.  Future batches will include pink and Rose, lavender and Lavender and probably something else unisex.  We can't deprive the fellas of these awesome soaps.

Which soap should I soap next - Cucumber Aloe or Honeysuckle?

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