09 February 2011

Heat Up Your Valentine's Day

Le massage huile sur toile

It's February, and despite the groundhog's prediction of an early Spring, we're still deep in the throes of Winter here in North CarolinaValentine's Day is five days away, and it's a great time to heat up your Winter.  How...?

With Le Boudoir products for couples, of course!  These high quality products are just what you need to add some sizzle to your Valentine's Day.  If teasing and tantalization are your avenues to sensual pleasure, take turns dusting each other with Lick Me Off Honey Powder.

Next, a massage might be in order.  How do you prefer it?  Do you like your massages to be relaxing precursors to sleep, or is erotic massage more your thing?  Whichever style you prefer, Rub Me Right... There is just what you need.  This blend of seven premium oils absorbs quickly, gives enough glide for a good massage and is less likely to stain your sheets than other oils.  For those who like their massages to be more relaxing, I recommend unscented or Patchouli.  For couples using massage to explore each other thoroughly, Cherry or Vanilla flavored massage oil may interest you, since it lends itself to mouth explorations, too. 

When your Valentine's Day heats up even hotter, you might find yourself in need of a little extra moisture.  That's where Feel Your Bliss comes in.  Feel Your Bliss is a thick lubricating gel that stays where you need it without the stickiness associated with some commercial lubricants.  While Feel Your Bliss will warm things up a little bit, it features a low-heat formula that won't burn more sensitive areas.

After the bedroom play is done, it's time to move the fun to the bathroom for a quick - or not - clean-up.  Take it to the shower for a bit more fun, and make sure you get all clean with one of my soaps.  This natural Patchouli soap made with organic aloe vera juice is sure to warm things back up; patchouli has aphrodesiac qualities, just right for preparing for round two (or is it three now?).

Love and romance are in the air.  What tricks will you use to warm up a frosty Valentine's Day?
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