27 April 2011

They're coming!

Tomorrow's the day!  Oooh, we're sooo excited!  I simply must make room in the living room - dump peanuts, crush boxes (thank goodness tomorrow's trash day), pick up some clutter.  The cute guy in the brown uniform is coming!  He'll be grateful that this week's box will be light - mostly lip balm tubes, caps and replacement items from an order mix-up (not like last week's huge pail of palm oil and some bases).  The fairly cute guy in the blue uniform is showing up, too.  The poor FedEx guy, though, has to haul up three boxes, one of which containing soap base.

Yes, tomorrow is box day.  I've got shipments coming from two separate suppliers and there will be enough goodies in those boxes to do all sorts of wondrous creating.  Lip balm tubes to finish a large order for my private label customer.  Strawberry lip balm flavoring so I can make delicious strawberry lip balms for a festival I'm doing in a couple of weeks.  Strawberry seeds to go in a strawberry soap I'll be making.  And white soap base to finish a wedding order and to make more flip flops.  You bet I'm thrilled!  I have a light weekend and will have lots of time to create!

I'll keep you posted on all the new goodies that will be hitting the rack.  It'll be good having some of my old favorites fresh and back in stock.
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