20 April 2011

Sun On The Go Sets

If you haven't heard by now, IT'S HERE!!!  It's bright!  It's sunny!  And it's made especially for little girls on the go.  What is it?  It's Sun On The Go, my daughter's fabulous new set of girly essentials.

This set is made for little girls on vacation.  My daughter said that little girls needed their own products when they're traveling, and that was the catalyst for this epiphany.  She doesn't really like the soaps and shampoos available at most commercial hotel chains, and who can blame her?  Usually what they are passing off as soap is a very drying detergent bar, and the shampoo has no conditioning properties at all, making hair brushing after a day in the wind and water a truly miserable experience.  Sun On The Go ensures little girls have their own moisturizing soap and conditioning shampoo, as well as a yummy after sun lotion.

This set contains four fabulous products.  As the girl enjoying this set comes back from hiking in the mountains or riding the waves at the beach, she starts her bathing experience with cheery yellow conditioning shampoo.  Not only does this product clean all the dirt and sweat out of her hair, but it'll also help reduce tangles.  Next, she'll wash with our homemade body wash, a fabulous castille liquid soap.  After bathing, she'll moisturize her sun-kissed arms and legs with Sun On The Go After Sun Soother, a premium lotion made with organic aloe vera juice to make her skin feel cool and softer.  As she's running out to the afternoon's and evening's fun with her family, a swipe of Sun On The Go Lip Balm will please her pucker with its juicy tropical fruit flavor and very moisturizing balm.  Each product has a scrumptious, robust tropical fruit fragrance or flavor (as applicable) that will make your senses dance.

Sun On The Go is available for an introductory price of $12.00.  That's 20% off the regular price.  I'm sure you know a girl who'd love one of these.  Surrounded by boys?  We're currently developing a similar product just for boys.

P.S. - Please don't forget that Flipping For The Flops and Running For the Son is still going on through the end of the month, with net proceeds going to support Christian Motorcyclist Association.
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