30 May 2012

Balms Away!

The Cary Senior High School class of 1991 is pretty amazing.  When I walked on 9 June 1991 and flipped my tassel over, I was honestly glad to be done with high school, done with my classmates and ready to move on to college and the next chapter of my life.  However, our 20th class reunion and that modern marvel known as Facebook brought a lot of us back together beginning last Summer.  And, with the passage of time which has affected all of us - even bringing most of us to a new maturity - we've been able to reconnect in pretty neat ways.

One of our fellow alumni is a soldier currently serving in Kuwait with personnel under him serving in Afghanistan.  He identified a need back in the Winter - some of his soldiers were feeling lonely and weren't getting many packages from home.  So, our class stepped in, sending some necessary and just some plain enjoyable supplies.

There's some talk going around our class's Facebook page about getting together again to pack yet more boxes to send overseas.  I'm hoping I get to drive back "home" to help pack the boxes this Summer.  Either way, I have been stocking up on granola bars, popcorn and stuff like that to put in the boxes, and I decided to send some lip balms, too.  Check these out for our well-deserving, brave men and women serving in the Armed  Forces - you know, those folks who are fighting for those freedoms we all enjoy.

Balms Away! lip balms in patriotic colors

Would you be interested in joining us in supporting our troops?  Comment below, and I'll happily give you  some suggestions and ideas.

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Anne-Marie said...

What a kind thing to do for those serving in our military! Your balms look fabulous!

Sara's Soaps 'n Such said...

Thanks, A-M! I love being part of this project!